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2017 Steamtown MarathonOct-08
2017 Erie Marathon at Presque IsleSep-10
2017 Presque Isle Half MarathonJul-16
2017 Dexter Ann Arbor RunJun-04
2017 Glass City MarathonApr-23
2017 Trail to the VictorsApr-09
2016 Honor Run Half MarathonNov-13
2016 Westerville Rotary Honors Vets 5KNov-05
2016 Steamtown MarathonOct-09
2016 Erie Marathon at Presque IsleSep-11
2016 Presque Isle Half MarathonJul-17
2016 Dexter Ann Arbor RunJun-05
2016 Glass City MarathonApr-24
2016 Trail to the VictorsApr-10
2016 Fight for Air ClimbApr-02
2015 Honor Run Half MarathonNov-15
2015 Westerville Rotary for Vets 5KNov-07
2015 Steamtown MarathonOct-11
2015 Erie Marathon at Presque IsleSep-13
2015 Presque Isle Half MarathonJul-19
2015 Kona Strawberry RunJun-19
2015 Kona RunJun-13
2015 Dexter Ann Arbor RunMay-31
2015 Novi Half MarathonMay-02
2015 Glass City MarathonApr-26
2015 Glass City Marathon KID'S RACEApr-25
2015 Trail to the Victors 5KApr-12
2015 Ann Arbor MarathonMar-29
2015 Fight for Air ClimbMar-28
2015 Kona Shamrock RunMar-08
2014 Kona Chocolate RunNov-16
2014 Wicked Halloween RunOct-26
2014 Dayton River Corridor ClassicOct-12
2014 Steamtown MarathonOct-12
2014 Run Like a Girl Oct-04
2014 Erie Marathon at Presque IsleSep-14
2014 Presque Isle Half MarathonJul-20
Dash for DonationJul-12
2014 Kona RunJun-08
2014 Dexter Ann Arbor RunJun-01
2014 Glass City MarathonApr-27
2014 Trail to the Victors 5KApr-06
2014 Ann Arbor MarathonMar-30
2014 Fight for Air ClimbMar-22
2014 Kona St. Patrick's Day RunMar-16
2013 Steamtown MarathonOct-13
2013 Akron MarathonSep-28
2013 Mill Race MarathonSep-28
2013 Erie Marathon at Presque IsleSep-15
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